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Snack Packaging Material

A ubiquitous presence in snack & eatables showrooms across the globe, Snacks business is one of the most roaring businesses with a perennial market presence. It is this striking image that makes companies, big or small to jostle for a share of the large market pie that comes with snacks business. And it is only the fittest among them with the ability to innovate, think ahead and understand the pulse of the consumers that survive eventually in the marketplace. Quality, safety and appeal are other factors that determine the worth of snack food packaging material.

With a worldwide demand that is set to exceed over $20 billion in 2010, snack food packaging material has a tremendous demand with growth being fuelled by a favorable outlook for disposable personal income and changes in food consumption patterns, across the globe. The widening expanding array of products made in single-size servings for better convenience, portability and portion control has also led to fresh packaging opportunities. In addition, growing environmental concerns has accelerated the need for environmentally-friendly packaging. All these factors have spurred the demand for better snackfood packaging materials.

Realizing this, N B Polymers has led the way in the switchover to environment-friendly technologies and usage of plant-based renewable materials. End result has been snackfood packaging materials of uncompromising quality and value. Our SnackFood Packaging Material caters to packaging of all type of snacks like spicy snacks, cocktail snacks, pulse snacks, fried snacks, baked snacks, extruded snacks and many more. Most of the snack foods use coated poly or metallized materials and those with high turn over rates or with shelf stable, use standard poly materials.

All our packaging materials are hygienically prepared, airtight & moisture-free, which helps in preserving the flavor, freshness and quality of preservatives used in these snacks. It also has excellent oxygen barrier properties, good stiffness, good grease resistance and bond strength appropriate for easy opening by the consumer. The USP of our packaging materials are that they are easy-open, reclosable, & hygienic with high barrier and enough shelf pop utilities to lure even the most health-conscious snackers to pick up the package. Furthermore, they come in vibrant and attractive colors which increase their aesthetic value.

With a vibrant export market presence, N B Polyfilms snackfood packaging materials has a niche presence in Africa, South East Asia, etc. Looking ahead, N B Polyfilms continues to experiment with unique materials and designs for product packaging like Rice papers, cotton papers and various clear coated films. With our ability to harness multiple barrier and sealing layers properties, we are giving shape to some of the most attractive packages the market will have.
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