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Sea Food Packaging Material

Seafood's exceptional popularity across the globe has come about largely due to modern transportation and refrigeration systems that allow seafood of one nation to be enjoyed by people in another part of the world. The demand for meat, poultry and seafood packaging is forecast to grow across the US and other parts of the world to around 5% yearly through 2013. The demand will be fuelled by the continuing shift to higher cost case-ready packaging by many retailers as a means to reduce in-store labor costs. Furthermore, influx of modern technology, case-ready, vacuum & retort-oriented raw materials and rigid and flexible products and burgeoning demand for fresh and frozen, processed, ready-to-eat market segment, will also fuel the growing demand.

As it is a highly perishable item, they need to be stored under carefully controlled conditions to limit undesired microbial growth and sensory deterioration. It's here packaging materials plays a key role in its quality preservation and shelf life extension. In tune with this, N B Polymers offers such a kind of packaging material that will ensure your product's freshness and appeal.

Our innovative pouch and skin Packaging material delivers exceptional freshness and extended shelf life. As one of the industry's leading suppliers of standup and custom-shaped pouches, N B Polymers offers a wide range of configurations, sizes, structures, colours and value-added features. Our pouches offer stand-out shelf presence and pleasing consumer-pleasing features like reclosable zippers.

In addition, N B Polymers specializes in the manufacturing of Trays, widely used for frozen food, fish, meat and poultry items that can withstand extreme cold temperatures. Made of materials that use a special additive which gives the trays toughness which in turn strengthens the durability of the items kept inside in extreme conditions. We offer two varieties, opaque and transparent trays in various shapes and sizes and can customize them as per customer specifications. When used in case of meat and poultry products, these trays act as attractive window displays and enhance the hygiene value of the product.

N B Polyfilms has a vibrant export market presence and our seafood packaging materials has a niche presence in Africa, South East Asia, etc. With increased demand for supple, flexible and durable packaging material, N B Polymers is working on appropriate wrapping solutions that deliver flexibility and reliability especially for the stringent requirements of perishable food items. Apart from this, N B Polymers is also looking into custom-foam packaging materials that will be sturdier, lightweight, and well insulated to protect temperature-sensitive, perishable products.
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