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Packaging material exporters in flexible vacuum pouches, snack packaging by manufacture industries in Hyderabad, India.
Food packaging export company providing multicolour flexible materials, packaging solutions, polyester laminates in Hyderabad, India.
Flexible packaging film of polyester laminate, standup pouch including centre sealed pouches in Hyderabad, India.
Print packaging suppliers of foil packaging including laminated film cost, product laminating in Hyderabad, India.
Flexible packaging industry as a supplier of food packaging, laminated films, best packaging industries machines in Hyderabad, India.
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Food Packaging Material

Packaging plays a crucial role in the preservation, safety, protection and shelf life of foodstuffs from external contamination factors ranging from heat to moisture, insects, dust, polluted emissions, etc. Proper packaging ensures food product's freshness, vitality and hygiene from external factors and for proper packaging, you need proper packaging materials.

Food PackagingAn ideal food packaging material should be inert and resistant to outside contamination factors and hazards. N B Polyfilms offers you that ideal food packaging material, from plastic to paper, glass, cardboard, etc, catering to the end packaging needs of different food product manufacturers. Made of superior quality materials such as metalized films, aluminum foils, etc, , each N B Polymers food packaging material is known for its durability, flexibility and all round seal-ability and is available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, well equipped with ultra - modern machineries employing the latest technology, every N B Polyfilms Food packaging material is subject to high quality checks in areas of Tensile Strength, Bond Strength, Seal Strength, etc.

Our specialty lies in Plastic, Cardboard, Aluminum and Glass packaging material.
Large stand up aluminum foil pouch made of PET/AL/PE or NY/AL/PE is suitable for most foods. Its main features are attractive outlook, light-proof capacity and good shelf life.
Stand up zipper pouch, an environment-friendly soft packaging bag is made from PET/PE, PET/PETAL/PE materials, which make it stiff and transparent. Its special feature is a special zipper that allows easy lock-in and lock-out facility.
Sturdy and light, our plastic packaging material is ideal for bakery items and other soft foods.
Environment friendly and biodegradable, our cardboard packaging material is suitable for transport packaging as well as certain frozen and fresh perishable foods and dry goods.
Strong and smooth with excellent folding endurance property and anti-extrusion property, Aluminum food packaging material is ideal for beverages like juices, soft drinksand beer, canned perishable foods and certain types of baked foods.
Extremely safe, lightweight and environment friendly, our Glass packaging material are widely used for food items such as juices, wines, beers, pickles/chutneys and jams

With N B Polyfilms packaging material, your product packaging earns the following benefits:
Slick and aesthetic look.
Stays fresh, hygienic and pure for a long duration.
Sound and long shelf impact.
Better consumer appeal and greater brand exposure.
Tailored to your product and consumer demographics 

N B Polyfilms has a sound export market presence and our food packaging materials has a niche presence in Africa, South East Asia, etc. With N B Polyfilms, you get cost effective and high performance food packaging materials that are not just better, but also a lot safer, insulated and quality efficient.
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